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Maroun4x Trading Academy


Our institution provides flexible remote learning options for students around the world. We cater to passionate individuals who need flexibility, yet still prioritize receiving a high-value education.

In view of our adaptable study options, those enrolled at our institution get the opportunity to progress through our learning material at the pace that works best for them.


Our products and services are designed to provide students with the necessary skills, tools, knowledge and confidence to take on the foreign exchange market with an edge, and to ultimately create a successful trading business.

  • What is Maroun4x Trading Academy?
    Maroun4x Trading Academy is a fully remote educational institution delivering highly specialized day trading education. Our products and services are designed to suit complete beginners to advanced traders, offering the opportunity to build a successful trading business.
  • What sets you apart from other educators/institutions?
    We approach the foreign exchange market in a unique way which revolves around pure price action. Unlike other educators/institutions, we don't stop there! The single most important factor to consider within the study of pure price action is the element of TIME. Our core program leaves no stones unturned and by the end of the curriculum you will be able to answer the "WHY" of every price movement in the market.
  • Where are you located?
    Our institution is fully remote and delivers education for students all over the world. We are federally incorporated in Canada, however, do not have a brick and mortar location. Our products and services are delivered directly through our eSchool or via Zoom for our 1-1 coaching sessions.
  • Do you offer any FREE content?
    Yes, our instructor shares a lot of free content on a variety of topics on the our YouTube Channel.
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