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Meet the Instructor

Rooted in Finance with a high-distinction degree from the University of Ottawa, Alex's journey in day trading began in 2018. Over the years, he has cultivated valuable experience, successfully navigating the markets with funds from diverse proprietary firms. Alongside this, he has led an alternative investment fund, showcasing a commitment to strategic financial management.

Since 2021, he has embraced the role of an educator and mentor, sharing insights garnered from real-world trading. His passion lies in guiding others through the intricate landscape of day trading, emphasizing practical strategies for success in the dynamic world of financial markets.


What students are saying

Here are some of the things our students have said about our instructor and the products and services we offer.

"Alex is a really patient, and amazing mentor. He worked with me around my work and school schedules and spent hours on the weekends doing 1-on-1 calls. He answered all my questions no matter how silly they were and always made sure I understood everything. I never met anyone who is this passionate about his craft."

Moe, US

"Alex is truly a master of his craft, he's been around this industry for a while and has credible qualifications. I watched him develop his course, which is a collection of the knowledge he has gained over the years. It is thorough and well put together."

Fred, BE

"Alex is a genuine guy and even though I gained so much info from his free content, there was still something missing that I felt I didn’t still see a true clear picture or have the true clear plan/strategy to be a consistent profitable trader. His course literally gave me that clear picture and a lot of price behaviour he explains in his course is patterns I have seen previously so I know this is a strategy that works."

Ade, UK

"The material which he teaches isn't the standard collection which can be found everywhere, he adds his own interesting approach which allows the trader to see the market and charts in a more coherent and clear way. Using professional approaches in his strategy, using a mix of retail and institutional techniques he manages to teach traders to capture various opportunities when they present themselves."

Stefan, BE

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