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Social Trading Solution

It is without a doubt that Proprietary Trading Firms have disrupted the way Forex traders go about their

trading journey. It is increasingly popular to see traders attempt to get funded with these firms, however, the success rate is well below 10%.

Our Social Trading Solution gives traders access to our Remote Trade Copier in order to assist them with their evaluation process.


750 USD for up to 3-month access​*

*Disclosure: The Social Trading Solution is a tool assisting the client in their evaluation process and is no guarantee to get funded. In a 2-step evaluation process and/or a Free Repeat, proof will be required before connecting a second Receiver account. Access to the Social Trading Solution is revoked after 3 months and/or if client fails/completes the evaluation process. It is not recommended for the client to take manual trades on the Receiver account.

How to Gain Access?

  1. Email your Payment Confirmation to

  2. Upon receipt, you will receive the MT4/Mt5 Receiver via Email

  3. Install and Connect Receiver to Provider Account

  4. Done

It is recommended to run the platform on a VPS in order to ensure uninterrupted connection.

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